Wednesday, May 12, 2010


By Leecia Price of Gainesville, Florida. Donated to Cullen's Achangel RescuE, Inc. 

Leecia Price of Gainesville, Florida, (click here to check out her blog, sent this beautiful painting of Mozart, a St. Bernard dog, who has recently been rescued by CARE, Cullen's Archangel RescuE, Inc

Leecia sent a link to Mozart's story, and here it is, written by Tara Haltiwanger, the president of CARE: 

 I rescued a Saint today because he could not free himself. The chain was thick, so heavy and hot around his neck, but his eyes were full of wonder and joy. He was peaceful and hopeful, though he'd been there for some time. His teeth were broken, his mouth infected, his coat was matted, and he was grossly underweight.
He gently laid his head in my lap while I removed the chain. His tail was swaying as he looked on, far past this life he'd known. He was ready to start a new life and eager to share it with someone. All the while I worked on him, I was completely mystified. How could this sweet soul stay so loving, so pure, and still so devoted to humankind?
I rescued a Saint today because he could not free himself. He had always known I would come for him, though I did not know myself.

We took Mozart to the vet on Saturday for a good check up.  He is high HW positive, has many broken teeth that need to be extracted, his mouth is infected, has bad hips, underweight and still needs to be neutered. We need help to get this boy healthy and ready for a new home.  

Leecia writes that she adopted her own dog from CARE, two years ago. It's a group of foster homes in Columbia, South Carolina; no formal shelter, just people who love animals and have opened their homes and hearts to animals in need. 

Thank you, Leecia, and welcome!

- Carrie


  1. Hi!
    Your Mozart seems a very kind dog. At home we had a dalmatian dog. Its name was Offenbach.
    Now i still have 2 dalmatian dogs, Olwen and Pyrrhus.
    I lova animals and i love your painting...
    Best regards.

  2. beautiful this dog:)

    I like so much dogs...

  3. What a wonderful dog - as was said, still so trusting after all that abuse! I so hope Mozart finds the care he needs.

  4. Good to kno wthis dog finally got the love and care of a human. Lovely painitng.