Sunday, August 29, 2010


Oil on canvas, 12x12
By Carrie Jacobson

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Sue Jacobson, adopted a beautiful mixed-breed dog named Frankie. Frankie is a cross between a cocker spaniel and an Australian shepherd. She has a chestnut coat and lovely ice-blue eyes, and she's a sweetheart.

Frankie came from Texas, in a big, air-conditioned truck with other southern dogs being adopted by people in New England. My sister has adopted two southern dogs, Beemer and Ariana, and they are wonderful additions to her family, too. My brother is getting his southern dog - a bichon/pug cross - in two weeks. I guess it's a family trend!

Brewster showed up during Sue's search for Frankie. His page on Adopt-A-Pet  ( says he's in Glastonbury, Conn., but I seem to remember that he's another southern guy, and will be delivered in the dog truck to Glastonbury. 

Brewster is part Wheaten terrier and part chow. He has a blue tongue, and in all his photos, that left ear comes forward over his face. In the past couple weeks, they've shaved him down. Wherever he is, Glastonbury or the South, it must be hot! 

I am going to track him down and donate this painting to his rescue group or to the person who eventually adopts him. I will let the rescue group make the decision. I'd love to adopt him, but we have too many dogs as it is. 

A last note: Sue said that going to meet the truck was like going to meet family who had been away for years. She pulled up into the parking lot, and there were people and dogs and hugs and smiles and laughter, and she burst into tears, it was so moving and so full of love and life.

To see more of my paintings, or to commission me to make a painting of your pet, visit my website,!

- Carrie

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Talon, by Barb Benstein

By Barb Benstein
Pastel on sanded paper, 14x18
Donation to Save-A-Pet

This beautiful pit bull, Tallie, has been waiting for a home for quite a while. She is 10, and doctors had to remove one of her legs because of cancer. The operation seems to have eradicated the cancer, and she is getting around fine.

Tallie needs to be an only dog, and, according to the site, is better in a home without small children. All of this sounds bad, I know, but the site says she is gentle and sweet, and she sure has that look.

I love Barb's painting of this dog. Again, her backgrounds really make the piece - and the light on Tallie's dappled coat just amazes me. What a gorgeous piece!

To see more of Barb's work, visit her website ( To find out more about Save-A-Pet, click here. It sounds like a really great organization. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiger, by Janet Campbell

By Janet Campbell
Donation to the Pike County (Pa.) Humane Society shelter

Janet Campbell is one of my favorite painters, and I'm just as happy as can be to be able to post a painting that she's made as part of the Art for Shelter Animals Project. 

Janet's work has a richness that, in my eyes, makes it stand out from many other watercolorists'. It's warm and full and inviting, and without the sort of fussiness that so often pushes me away from watercolors. 

She has a show going on this month at the Wallkill River School Gallery with Pat Morgan, another fabulous painter. The show is on through Aug. 31, and if you're anywhere near Montgomery, N.Y., you really should go. The school is at 232 Ward St., (Route 17K), and is open every day but Monday. Montgomery is on Route 84, close to Newburgh. 

I love Janet's painting of Tiger. The look in his eye, the set of his jaw, his tough face and soft ears, they are all so inviting. Also, I have a special place in my heart for this shelter, which is where we got Jojo, the dog who devotes her days and nights to me. 

Thanks, Janet! 

- Carrie

Monday, August 23, 2010

St. Leo's gets involved


I hardly have words for this posting, I am so moved, so touched. 

Susan Slepetz read about the Art for Shelter Animals Project in an art magazine (Art Calendar would be my bet...). And the kids in St. Leo's school in Leominster, Mass., got excited about the project and wanted to participate. 

At St. Leo's, as part of the art curriculum, Susan writes, the children use their artwork to reach out to the community. How great is that? And how wonderful that they found our project. 

The children ranged in age from 6 to 14. They made 170 portraits all together; this is a sampling. I don't know what shelter or rescue group has received these pieces, but whatever one did, it sure is lucky. Aren't these wonderful? 

Susan, and the kids from St. Leo's get our deepest thanks. We're so happy that you've participated in the Art for Shelter Animals Project! 

- Carrie

St. Leo's is a catholic school that is located in Leominster, MA. As part of our art curriculum the children use their artwork to reach out to the community. The ages were 6 through 14 years old. There were a total of 170 paintings, these were just a sampling. We read about your project in an art magazine. A group posting would be fine. Thank you for letting for us to share in this exciting way to help animals.
Best Wishes,
Susan Slepetz

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Phoebe, by Barb Benstein

By Barb Benstein
Pastel on sanded paper, 14x18
Donation to HARPS

The Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society is lucky to be getting another of Barb Benstein's beautiful paintings!

This one, of Phoebe, is pastel on sanded paper. I love the shadows on Phoebe's neck and face, and how tactile her mane looks. I know how it would feel under my fingers.

Barb's website shows the breadth and depth of her work. She has a special affinity for animals, it seems, and I am drawn to the emotion she manages to pack into her paintings.

Barb has made paintings for HARPS and for Save-A-Pet, organizations near where she lives, in Chicagoland. These seem like really wonderful groups, and I'm thrilled that Barb is helping them.

I've had the chance recently to talk about the Art for Shelter Animals Project with a whole bunch of people. The excitement about the project is really great! Many thanks to all of you who have donated art to your local shelters and rescue groups. You fill my heart with joy.

- Carrie

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jasmine, by Barb Benstein

By Barbara Benstein
Oil on canvas, 16x20
Donation to HARPS

Barbara Benstein has made a series of paintings that she has donated to organizations. They are all beautiful, filled with light and  shadow and amazing depth. I love the look in Jasmine's eye, of gentleness and sweetness, serenity and a hint of wariness. That's what I see, at least. 

To see more of Barb's work, check her website  ( 

HARPS, the Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society, is a fascinating group that does wonderful work. You can read more about it at its website, The group works for humane care of horses and other hooved animals through "legislation, investigation, impoundments, rehabilitation, education and community outreach." 

A beautiful painting for an excellent cause. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cat with Green Eyes, by Barb Benstein

Cat from Save A Pet
Donation by Barb Benstein

Barb Benstein (check out her website!) lives near Chicago, and paints portraits of animals, cars, houses, landscapes - and people, too. She has made four beautiful paintings for the Art for Shelter Animals Project.

This one is a donation to Save A Pet near Chicago. From its website, it looks like a strong and active organization, which is, at the moment, taking care of more than 500 animals.

Thank you, Barb, for your beautiful work and generous donations!