Monday, August 23, 2010

St. Leo's gets involved


I hardly have words for this posting, I am so moved, so touched. 

Susan Slepetz read about the Art for Shelter Animals Project in an art magazine (Art Calendar would be my bet...). And the kids in St. Leo's school in Leominster, Mass., got excited about the project and wanted to participate. 

At St. Leo's, as part of the art curriculum, Susan writes, the children use their artwork to reach out to the community. How great is that? And how wonderful that they found our project. 

The children ranged in age from 6 to 14. They made 170 portraits all together; this is a sampling. I don't know what shelter or rescue group has received these pieces, but whatever one did, it sure is lucky. Aren't these wonderful? 

Susan, and the kids from St. Leo's get our deepest thanks. We're so happy that you've participated in the Art for Shelter Animals Project! 

- Carrie

St. Leo's is a catholic school that is located in Leominster, MA. As part of our art curriculum the children use their artwork to reach out to the community. The ages were 6 through 14 years old. There were a total of 170 paintings, these were just a sampling. We read about your project in an art magazine. A group posting would be fine. Thank you for letting for us to share in this exciting way to help animals.
Best Wishes,
Susan Slepetz


  1. Hurray for the kids at St. Leo's. These are wonderful!

  2. This truly is a fantastic project! We at the Massachusetts SPCA/Nevins Farm are the lucky recipients of these animal portraits. They will be sold at our upcoming Walk for Animals in Newbury, MA, on September 12 - one of our most important yearly fundraisers. Thank you to all of the students & inspired teachers for choosing us!