Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Talon, by Barb Benstein

By Barb Benstein
Pastel on sanded paper, 14x18
Donation to Save-A-Pet

This beautiful pit bull, Tallie, has been waiting for a home for quite a while. She is 10, and doctors had to remove one of her legs because of cancer. The operation seems to have eradicated the cancer, and she is getting around fine.

Tallie needs to be an only dog, and, according to the site, is better in a home without small children. All of this sounds bad, I know, but the site says she is gentle and sweet, and she sure has that look.

I love Barb's painting of this dog. Again, her backgrounds really make the piece - and the light on Tallie's dappled coat just amazes me. What a gorgeous piece!

To see more of Barb's work, visit her website ( To find out more about Save-A-Pet, click here. It sounds like a really great organization. 

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