Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fast Friend, by Robin Truelove Stronk

Fast Friend
By Robin Truelove Stronk
Oil on canvas, 21x27
Donation to Fast Friends

Robin Truelove Stronk worked as a veterinarian for more than 35 years, retiring to make paintings, write books, bring her amazing art to the world. Her paintings are so beautiful, so full of light and depth that it makes me a little sad that she spent all those years being a veterinarian! Of course, the world surely needs vets (I'd have one live in the house with us if I could), but sometimes I think the world needs artists more.

Her book, "Vet Noir - It's not the Pets, it's the People Who Make Me Crazy" was published in January and is available online and in bookstores. Two of her paintings have made it to the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and to other high-powered publications.

Check out her work and her amazing story at her website,

Robin lives in New Hampshire, the home of Fast Friends ( The group rescued racing greyhounds and finds new homes for them. She writes that greyhounds have "both figuratively and literally huge hearts. They are probably the most cat-like of the dog breeds, clean, easy to care for and asking nothing but companionship."

I've met a few greyhounds and they are wonderful dogs. They're easy to care for, and if you live in a warm place, don't need much. In cooler climates, they're pretty happy to have sweaters!

- Carrie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Matter of Trust, by Robin Truelove Stronk

A Matter of Trust
By Robin Truelove Stronk
Oil on canvas, donation to the Horsetenders organization

Robin Truelove Stronk, a newcomer to the Art for Shelter Animals Project, was a veterinarian for more than 35 years before retiring three years ago and turning to art. She writes that she has dedicated herself this year to giving generously to organizations she cares about, and not worrying too much about selling her art. She is thankful to be in a position to do this for a while, and we are thankful to receive her gorgeous portraits.

Here is what she writes about this painting, and Horsetenders: 

"A Matter of Trust" was created for the HorseTenders organization, a group that rescues, trains and re-homes mustangs. Many of the horses they take are  considered cast-offs or untrainable and are destined to be double branded. This condemns them to a life of unending boredom in small paddocks. Their Mustang Project is becoming widely recognized and applauded. They can be seen at I am continually amazed at the depth and quality of training and care that these animals receive. I tried to sum this up in the look in the eye of one of their mustangs - it's all about the trust that they inspire in their charges."

I love the rich colors of this painting, and its depth. I love the cropping that makes the eye the central focus of the piece. And that eye - it shows fear and trust, fight and flight, and the very soul of the horse. What a beautiful piece! 

To find out more about Robin, to see more of her work and read more of her story, please visit her website,

I'm thrilled that she's painting with us!

- Carrie

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buddy, by Liz Pearson

By Liz Pearson
For the Domestic Animal Rescue Group, Capetown, South Africa

Liz Pearson has been a steady and solid donor to the Art for Shelter Animals Project. She was one of the first to start making paintings for the project, and has continued to turn them out regularly.

This is a joy to me, and an inspiration! My world gets hectic, my days disappear, I look up and five hours have gone by and I'm not sure what I've been doing or even what I was supposed to be doing... and then an email arrives, and it's Liz Pearson, quiet and regular and disciplined, with another painting for the project. Check out her beautiful work at her website (

The rescue scene in Capetown, South Africa, is more stressed than in the U.S. DARG began in 1995 as a network of volunteers with no actual shelter. In time, the group was able to rent a couple dozen kennels from a woman who had used them to board dogs. In three years, the group found homes for nearly 3,000 dogs.

The woman who owned the kennel property died, however, and the kennel was put up for sale. In time, one of the DARG directors bought the property and it was put into trust, and can be used only for a no-kill shelter.

Now, there is building going on to find room for cats, and better facilities for the dogs. The changes sound big and impressive! Check out the website  ( for more details, and to see animals up for adoption.

- Carrie

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sleeping Cat
Chinese Brush Painting
By Carol LaVoie
For Protectors of Animals, East Hartford, Conn. 

In addition to being a working astrologer for more than three decades, Carol Lavoie is also - clearly - a talented artist.
You can see her work at her website ( There, you have a chance to see the range of her pieces, her sense of discovery and excitement, her brilliant use of color, and the many media she uses.

The site also has a feature that I like a lot, that allows you to bid on paintings. Cool!

Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn., is sure lucky to have Carol. She has donated dozens and dozens of paintings to the cause; Art for Shelter Animals is lucky to have her, too.

- Carrie

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calico, by Carol Lavoie

Chinese Brush Painting by Carol Lavoie
For Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn.

Carol Lavoie, who has donated this brush painting and three others to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn. , has been making her living as an astrologer for decades.

I've spent a fair amount of time on her astrology website(, reading about her really remarkable span of experience. Here is an excerpt from her website:

Carol had always been a seeker of the spiritual world. Her foundation of spiritual growth began in 1965 with the anthroposophical works of Rudolph Steiner and then blossomed when her journey took a serious turn in 1967 and she landed in northern California. There she met with and studied under Chinese herbalist Michael Tierra, Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and health food innovators Aveline and Michio Kushi. Through her professional life she has worked as a hypnotherapist, tarot card counselor and teacher. She has a wide variety of meditation self help cd’s available on her website at

When you meet Carol, her sensitivity comes through. I haven't done a reading with her yet, but one of these days, I'd like to. There's tons of interesting stuff on her site, so check it out! 

- Carrie

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Calico, by Carol Lavoie

Chinese Brush Painting by Carol Lavoie
Donation to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn. 

I met Carol Lavoie on line through the Art for Shelter Animals Project. I received one or two paintings the first day, and then, for days afterwards, continued to receive paintings from her. I think Carol made 12 pieces te first time she donated!

We emailed back and forth, and got to know each other a little bit on line. A lovely cheerfulness came through her emails. Her paintings were enchanting, and her manner was, too.

I put out a call for artists for a fun local show here in southeastern Connecticut, and Carol, who lives near Hartford, said she'd like to be in it. I was thrilled!

Then one afternoon, I was in the parking lot at Jerry's Artarama, when someone called my name. It was Carol, and she'd recognized me from the photo on my blog, The Accidental Artist. Meeting her was like meeting an old friend.

In real life, she is as cheery and optimistic as she is on line. We had a grand time together in the show, though she sold only one small item, and I sold nothing. But we got to see each other's work (hers is delightful, full of heart and life and sunshine) and we got to laugh together and learn some stuff, too, about people and shows and displays and all that jazz.

Carol has made this painting for Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Siamese, by Carol Lavoie

Chinese Brush Painting by Carol Lavoie
Donation to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn. 

Carol Lavoie, artist and astrologer, has sent a series of elegant and moving Chinese brush paintings, that she's donating to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn.

This all-volunteer group (find it at came to life in 1975 "to rescue, spay and neuter homeless and abandoned animals." Today, its fund-raising efforts provide homes, veterinary services, board, food and advertising for homeless animals.

The group has a bunch of upcoming events, and many animals available for adoption. Check the website for details.

Carol Lavoie is a generous and productive artist, giving many paintings to Protectors of Animals, through the Art for Shelter Animals Project. More on her in the next posting!

- Carrie

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Longmeadow Dawn, by Alli Farkas

Longmeadow Dawn
By Alli Farkas
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, 16x20
Donation to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch  

Alli Farkas, who has contributed a few paintings through ASAP, has sent another gorgeous one our way. This piece is going to the Humane Society of Missouri's large-animal rescue group, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. 

Alli's story of her donation shows her real persistence, and is an inspiration!

She writes that Longmeadow Rescue Ranch "is a group I had been donating money to regularly for several years, but as the economy (and my income) tanked, they were high up on the list for a painting donation instead. I actually contacted them almost a year ago, and this story is going to sound familiar, although with a kind of crazy twist!

"One of my other chosen rescues somehow 'lost' my first email offer, but responded to the second one. This time around, I didn't send an email because although their website did list an individual person to contact, it didn't supply more than a general 'info' email address. Since I wanted to connect with a person, I sent a snail mail instead.

"When I didn't get a response after a month, I decided to send a follow-up letter. I sent it in their donation window envelope along with their donation form, since the address was preprinted and I can sometimes be pretty lazy! What I didn't notice was that I had put the donation form in with MY address showing in the window, so of course the whole thing came back to me!

"At this point I figured it just plain old wasn't meant to be, and let it go. Around the beginning of June of this year I got a phone call from an extremely nice lady apologizing for not replying to my letter and hoping the offer was still open...which, of course, it was!  As it turned out, they were cleaning out the desk of an apparently not-too-meticulous former employee, and found the letter! So all's well that ends well, and they're going to auction off the painting at a fundraiser on September 17th!

"In case you're wondering about the theme of this painting, it's a combination of two photos by Mike Bizelli of Bizelli Photography in St. Louis. The folks at the Humane Society wanted something that was redolent of Longmeadow itself, rather than a portrait of any one animal. They felt their donor base would resonate better with this kind of painting, so--since I do a lot of landscapes anyway, this one fit right in with my usual work process. Enjoy!!"

You can see more of Alli's beautiful work at her website and also on her blog ( 

 - Carrie