Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buddy, by Liz Pearson

By Liz Pearson
For the Domestic Animal Rescue Group, Capetown, South Africa

Liz Pearson has been a steady and solid donor to the Art for Shelter Animals Project. She was one of the first to start making paintings for the project, and has continued to turn them out regularly.

This is a joy to me, and an inspiration! My world gets hectic, my days disappear, I look up and five hours have gone by and I'm not sure what I've been doing or even what I was supposed to be doing... and then an email arrives, and it's Liz Pearson, quiet and regular and disciplined, with another painting for the project. Check out her beautiful work at her website (http://artwithliz.blogspot.com/).

The rescue scene in Capetown, South Africa, is more stressed than in the U.S. DARG began in 1995 as a network of volunteers with no actual shelter. In time, the group was able to rent a couple dozen kennels from a woman who had used them to board dogs. In three years, the group found homes for nearly 3,000 dogs.

The woman who owned the kennel property died, however, and the kennel was put up for sale. In time, one of the DARG directors bought the property and it was put into trust, and can be used only for a no-kill shelter.

Now, there is building going on to find room for cats, and better facilities for the dogs. The changes sound big and impressive! Check out the website  (http://www.darg.org.za/) for more details, and to see animals up for adoption.

- Carrie


  1. This portrait is awsome. Liz paints with love and it is so noticable.
    This is for such a good cause

  2. What a great job Liz did with "Buddy" especially the eyes! Oh I do hope he finds a loving home.

  3. Wonderful painting and great cause!

  4. Cool! what a beautiful masterpiece. . =0