Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fast Friend, by Robin Truelove Stronk

Fast Friend
By Robin Truelove Stronk
Oil on canvas, 21x27
Donation to Fast Friends

Robin Truelove Stronk worked as a veterinarian for more than 35 years, retiring to make paintings, write books, bring her amazing art to the world. Her paintings are so beautiful, so full of light and depth that it makes me a little sad that she spent all those years being a veterinarian! Of course, the world surely needs vets (I'd have one live in the house with us if I could), but sometimes I think the world needs artists more.

Her book, "Vet Noir - It's not the Pets, it's the People Who Make Me Crazy" was published in January and is available online and in bookstores. Two of her paintings have made it to the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and to other high-powered publications.

Check out her work and her amazing story at her website,

Robin lives in New Hampshire, the home of Fast Friends ( The group rescued racing greyhounds and finds new homes for them. She writes that greyhounds have "both figuratively and literally huge hearts. They are probably the most cat-like of the dog breeds, clean, easy to care for and asking nothing but companionship."

I've met a few greyhounds and they are wonderful dogs. They're easy to care for, and if you live in a warm place, don't need much. In cooler climates, they're pretty happy to have sweaters!

- Carrie


  1. I love them because they remind me of a big kitty!
    Nice painting!

  2. You are inspirational and you restore my faith in humankind. I wish was there to be able to assist in some way. I’m a huge believer in Karma… and you guys are just loading up on the good kind.
    Keep up the good work.