Thursday, September 2, 2010

Longmeadow Dawn, by Alli Farkas

Longmeadow Dawn
By Alli Farkas
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, 16x20
Donation to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch  

Alli Farkas, who has contributed a few paintings through ASAP, has sent another gorgeous one our way. This piece is going to the Humane Society of Missouri's large-animal rescue group, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. 

Alli's story of her donation shows her real persistence, and is an inspiration!

She writes that Longmeadow Rescue Ranch "is a group I had been donating money to regularly for several years, but as the economy (and my income) tanked, they were high up on the list for a painting donation instead. I actually contacted them almost a year ago, and this story is going to sound familiar, although with a kind of crazy twist!

"One of my other chosen rescues somehow 'lost' my first email offer, but responded to the second one. This time around, I didn't send an email because although their website did list an individual person to contact, it didn't supply more than a general 'info' email address. Since I wanted to connect with a person, I sent a snail mail instead.

"When I didn't get a response after a month, I decided to send a follow-up letter. I sent it in their donation window envelope along with their donation form, since the address was preprinted and I can sometimes be pretty lazy! What I didn't notice was that I had put the donation form in with MY address showing in the window, so of course the whole thing came back to me!

"At this point I figured it just plain old wasn't meant to be, and let it go. Around the beginning of June of this year I got a phone call from an extremely nice lady apologizing for not replying to my letter and hoping the offer was still open...which, of course, it was!  As it turned out, they were cleaning out the desk of an apparently not-too-meticulous former employee, and found the letter! So all's well that ends well, and they're going to auction off the painting at a fundraiser on September 17th!

"In case you're wondering about the theme of this painting, it's a combination of two photos by Mike Bizelli of Bizelli Photography in St. Louis. The folks at the Humane Society wanted something that was redolent of Longmeadow itself, rather than a portrait of any one animal. They felt their donor base would resonate better with this kind of painting, so--since I do a lot of landscapes anyway, this one fit right in with my usual work process. Enjoy!!"

You can see more of Alli's beautiful work at her website and also on her blog ( 

 - Carrie


  1. Truly stunning work. So glad she persevered!

  2. Thank you for your gracious comments--merci beaucoup! And thanks to Carrie et al for the opportunity to spread the word about all the good rescue groups!