Friday, May 20, 2011

A Fantastic Fundraiser!

Bob Cat
 by Robin Stronk

I opened my email this morning to find this marvelous and motivational note from Robin Stronk - isn't this great? 

Inspired by your blog site, I started a fundraiser movement last December. I gathered local artists and requested that each create a piece of artwork inspired by their favorite rescue/shelter cause and donate it at 100 percent to be sold at a silent auction in May. 

These people were fantastic. I designated them as my "Art Angels." Some donated more than one piece and we ultimately had 36 items available for the auction.

There were nine causes represented and we raised $3,660 with the artwork alone. The artists also did all the work - made food, decorated the  huge training center at our local humane society, distributed posters and cards, came to meetings and even cleaned up after the event. 

I am so proud of everyone. 

There have been many requests for it to become an annual event and I am very happy to comply. Several small, little known rescues benefited and they were absolutely thrilled. They not only gained some financial support but
also received public recognition that is often lacking.

I painted for Winchester Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. My oil painting "Bob Cat" portrays just one of the varied creatures that have been nurtured and released back to the wild by them. They have also nursed owls, orphan squirrels, porcupines, geese, foxes and even a bald eagle. The piece was purchased by a local veterinarian who
provides their surgical procedures totally gratis.

I plan to continue this wonderful concept and hope to send you a report next year that the auction was even more successful.   

Robin T. Stronk DVM

p.s., Robin, would you please email me at Your email went to another carrie jacobson, and for some reason, I can't find an address for you! Thanks! 


  1. Beautiful painting and wonderful story. You must have a knack for motivating people as well as for painting. Thanks so much for all your efforts and for sharing them with us Robin!

  2. After 35 yrs+ of convincing cats to go in cat carriers and getting dogs to accept vaccinations that they didn't really want, getting people to do good deeds while having fun is easy!

  3. Just wonderful. I love the Bobcat painting, and the auction you pulled off. You inspire me.

  4. There is amazing art on this blog, and I like how they give them to a shelter.

    I notice you like quotes from your blog profile, so I hope you can visit my Inspirational Quotes blog.

  5. You, people are so wonderful, thank you for the wonderful work you do, God bless all of you.
    Wow I really want to go and see the animalsnow. I think other shelters should be more like this one. They really look like they treat their animals like family.