Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pitbull Pup, by Carrie Jacobson

 Pitbull Pup
For the Montville, CT, animal shelter

One of the funnest parts of my job as a Patch editor is working with the shelter in Montville, CT, the town I cover (check out the site I run, the Montville Patch!) Happily, there are often no animals there to be adopted. But when there are, the animal control officer calls, and I take photos, or sometimes videos, and put them on the site, and who knows, maybe they help. I think they do.

Eager, a three-legged kitten, just got adopted, and I hope Patch had something to do with it. Want to see a video of Eager? Click here. Want to see a video of some pretty funny kittens? Click here. By the way, they still need homes, so if you're in the market...

I have some posts coming of animals up for adoption, one of one of the kittens and one of a golden lab with some issues. I made this painting of one of the dogs on the shelter's Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gypsy, by Alli Farkas

 Gypsy, by Alli Farkas
For Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary

Alli Farkas writes "I was at Horse-A-Rama in Wisconsin a couple of months ago when a very enthusiastic lady approached my booth. She saw all the portraits and wanted to know if I would like to set up as a vendor at her upcoming fundraiser for her rescue organization, Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary in Elkhart Lake, WI. I couldn't do it, since I will be at another horsey event that day, but when I told her about (the Art for Shelter Animals Project) she was delighted by the opportunity.

"She sent me a photo of Gypsy, a paint mare who is now totally blind due to a previous owner's neglect of an infection. She is now literally 'rolling in clover' at the sanctuary, and could hardly be in a better place! The clover was quite a challenge for me (I do landscapes in addition to horses, but I try to keep the landscapes manageable!) so I was quite pleased that I was actually able to put horse and clover together and make them both look good."
Amazing Grace, founded in 2008, seems like a pretty amazing place. Here's what it says on the website:

"Our sole purpose is to offer a safe haven for unwanted, abused or neglected horses. This sanctuary offers safe care and refuge - to all horses who pass through our gates. Here all their needs will be provided for - including shelter, nutrition, vet and Ferrier care, and most importantly - unconditional love and attention." 


To see more of Alli's gorgeous work, check out her website!