Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pitbull Pup, by Carrie Jacobson

 Pitbull Pup
For the Montville, CT, animal shelter

One of the funnest parts of my job as a Patch editor is working with the shelter in Montville, CT, the town I cover (check out the site I run, the Montville Patch!) Happily, there are often no animals there to be adopted. But when there are, the animal control officer calls, and I take photos, or sometimes videos, and put them on the site, and who knows, maybe they help. I think they do.

Eager, a three-legged kitten, just got adopted, and I hope Patch had something to do with it. Want to see a video of Eager? Click here. Want to see a video of some pretty funny kittens? Click here. By the way, they still need homes, so if you're in the market...

I have some posts coming of animals up for adoption, one of one of the kittens and one of a golden lab with some issues. I made this painting of one of the dogs on the shelter's Facebook page.


  1. This is kind of goofy, but at first I didn't notice that the painting was cropped (at least that's how it appears on my computer unless I click on it). I loved looking at just one eye of this pup--it was as if he were peeking around a corner daring me to pay attention to him. So I looked at the uncropped version too, but am still more intrigued by what I saw first. Maybe something new to try!

  2. Une très belle oeuvre... Vous avez bien capturé son regard...
    Gros bisous

  3. I love animals, so I like this picture and your message:) they are our best friends and they need our atention and protection...

  4. Hush, you are truly angel and hero. You clearly have a passion for what you are doing. I only wish their more people like you that would go to the lengths that you go. I’ve never met you, but I can honestly say you have a special place in my heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SELFLESS WORK YOU AND YOUR GROUP ARE DOING. Hopefully being on national TV will bring you the help that you sorely need. It’s a tragedy that there are people out there that do inhumane to critters that just want love. GOD BLESSES!!
    This is the reason everyone should have their pets spayed or neutered. Please don't let your pets breed and send out more strays into the streets. If you don't have the finances todo this, there are many animal shelters and programs that will help you.

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  6. This was a really neat article to read. I was wondering how to start a project like this to benefit my local glenview animal control? Thanks for any tips you have.

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